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What do you carry that bow and arrow for I wonder if you can hit your mark He immediately clapped his hand on his quiver and laying hold of an arrow exclaimed

       The champion when takes his stand
       With bow and quiver in his hand
       The might of lions can deride
       Or elephants inflamed with pride

The lady answered in the same strain

       Such as the youth for me has charms
       The coward neer shall reach my arms

He replied,

       “Love frenziede force impells the blow
       Instant lies low” 

At instant on of the elephants approached the young warrior drew the arrow home even to his ear and struck it up to the feather and notch in his eye Seizing another arrow he instantly struck it so forcibly through the other eye that with a dreadful yell it fell on the ground and expired The second elephant advanced still more furiously and was slain as quickly as the first He then drew his scimitar and cut off both their trunks The Emperor’s daughter was greatly delighted with


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